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About Us

Asel-tech Technology and Automation

Asel-Tech has more than 15 years’ experience working with petroleum, petrochemical gas and energy industries, particularly focused on pipelines integrity and management. Based on proprietary and patented technologies as well as strategically partnerships with leading worldwide companies, Asel-Tech delivers a wide range of equipment, systems, operational safety, integrity management projects.

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Asel-Tech Specialty

Leak Detection

Asel-Tech’s leak detection systems are the most reliable and sensitive available on the market with proven application success.

Asel-Tech Specialty

Pipeline Monitoring Service

Asel-Tech`s pipeline monitoring service is the best solution to monitor your pipeline 24/7. The system alarms in seconds with precise leak location and volume amount spilled.

Products & Services

I-RLDS – Integrated Remote Leak Detection System

RLDS – Remote Leak Detection System

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