Global water shortages became a big concern in the last decade, for that, solutions in water business are very welcome. Asel-Tech’s leak detection systems can be applied to large water transportation pipelines, providing fast response to leak events. There is now a big effort for water saving but a single leak can easily exceed the sum of efforts in only a few hours. The installation of LDS system requires common industry services as electric and instrumentation. There were some incidents involving water mains all over the globe, causing damages beyond water loss, for example: flooding, destruction of buildings, and drowning.

The system is fast to alarm and accurately locate the leak point, also providing the geographic coordinates, which enhances an emergency action plan. Installation and commissioning of the system, will attest its characteristics, detection time, location precision, and geographic coordinates.

For water mains application, Asel-Tech recommends the I-RLDS and RLDS.

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