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Natural gas became a strategic resource for countries that invest in the development of a competitive economy and better use of its energy reserves. Cleaner than other fossil fuels such as coal or crude oil, natural gas is also becoming more competitive because of its price. Discovering new exploitation sources, countries like United States, Mexico and China are positioning themselves through the establishment of public policies favoring the industry and stimulating the natural gas production. Following a tendency found in recent years, demand and natural gas supply will continue to grow strongly, according to the BP Energy. It is expected to have a production growth over the next two decades. The projections indicate a daily production increase around 3 billion m3 in the next 10 years, going out of 9 billion m³/day to 12 billion m³/day in 2025. This same amount goes to 14 billion m³/day in 2035.

Accidents with gas pipelines have shown an enormous complexity and a huge amount of damage, not only for the assets of the gas companies, but mainly for the environment and people.

The main reasons for gas pipelines incidents are:

  • Mechanical failure: construction and material
  • Operating mistake: system and human
  • Corrosion: external and internal
  • Natural: soil movement, flood and others
  • Third activity: accidental, intentional and theft

Using a reliable leak detection system is a fundamental factor to reduce and prevent major incidents. The ideal leak detection must react (alarm) to the spill as soon as possible, that is, in seconds. Check Asel-Tech’s technologies which will help to protect the environment and the company’s assets.

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